Friday, August 16, 2013

Tough Girls

It's always a pleasure to find something that you've had rattling around in your head for a long time articulated well by someone else. (Even if you are a bit hacked off that they not only beat you to it, but said it way better than you could have hoped to.)

I'm definitely becoming more aware of the female stereotypes my daughters are being exposed to in both television and literature. They were the same ones that I was exposed to only with the addition of the "Strong Female Character." This is what the author of the New Statesman's article "I hate Strong Female Characters" has to say on the subject.

"Nowadays the princesses all know kung fu, and yet they’re still the same princesses. They're still love interests, still the one girl in a team of five boys, and they’re all kind of the same. They march on screen, punch someone to show how they don’t take no shit, throw around a couple of one-liners or forcibly kiss someone because getting consent is for wimps, and then with ladylike discretion they back out of the narrative’s way."

Have a read of the full article. Definitely worth the time of anyone wanting to create nuanced, human female characters.

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