Friday, February 17, 2017

Resistance is NOT Futile *GIVEAWAY*

November 8th was a Very Bad Day, especially for anyone who's read any amount of dystopian fiction.

My fellow booksellers at The Curious Iguana and I watched in horror as we slid into the darkest imaginable timeline; an administration that's turned the US into some kind of distorted, carnival horror show. Like that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where two guys walk into the Circus Circus casino high on ether. Of course, in the days of helplessness that followed when no one really knew WHAT to do, we realized that we could best serve our customers by being a place where they could come and talk and be surrounded by good words written by smart and compassionate people.
In following with our mission to "get to know your world" we've started the Read Broader initiative to encourage people to read outside their comfort zone and listen to voices they might not have heard before. (if you'd like to join us, no matter where you are, the program materials are available here.)

Me? I've been able to take out my frustration on our chalkboards. While I've been slightly afraid of going too far, my boss (being of the same mind) has always been tremendously accommodating. I took heart from an article in the New York Times
that examined the trend of indie bookstores being #Resistance "hubs". Operations Manager of Word store, Hannah Depp, asks herself, "How far can we push it? How high can we turn up the heat?" I mean, as a business, you have to consider your bottom line, but luckily, The Iguana is a store where social responsibility is PART of the bottom line and I'm super proud to work there.

My own #Resistance acts are also important to me. My daily calls and faxes to my Senators and congressman have become part of my morning routine. I also call the office of our governor, who has been troublingly silent on all matters involving the new administration. (When you're a GOP governor of a blue state, there's a good chance you're only going to serve one term.) I was also lucky enough to have raised over $3000 for Emily's List from this design, (which is still available, all funds going to EL) inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren's censure by Mitch McConnell over Jeff Sessions. #SmallActs are important right now. And I KNOW how scary the phone can be. I would rather have Steve Bannon lick my entree and then have to eat it than use the phone. There are amazing websites like that take a lot of the scary out of the telephone by giving you numbers for your representatives and then a handy script to read to get your message across. If the phone just isn't for you, you can use FaxZero to send your reps a fax free of charge. Check for local Indivisible groups. Show up at town halls, which GOP members of congress seems to be studiously avoiding. And most importantly, take some time for self-care. As so many others have said, this is not a sprint, but a marathon. We're going to have to stay angry for a long time, but we've GOT to take breaks. Go outside, read a book, hang with your kids, your friends, play a game, disconnect. Refresh yourself and then get ready to dive back in.

The world seems like it's falling apart, but with all of us working together, we can definitely make a difference. To remind you of that, I'm doing a giveaway of a fabulous journal and two inspiring literary pins. To enter, just complete the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. Hell yes! #resist

    Telling all my friends :)

  2. I always smile when I see "darkest timeline" - Community was by far my favourite TV show of the last however-many years.


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